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Sanja Grohar - Jun 14 2020

My NEW Limited Edition Fashion Collection TCMBB

Hi lovelies! I am so excited I cannot believe the time has finally come to reveal My NEW Limited Edition Fashion Collection TCMBB.

This has always been my dream and I am so excited. As a blogger I had been given an
opportunity to create my own fashion brand and we are starting with this amazing limited dress edition. When I was creating this dress, I was thinking of all of you. All my Fashionistas, Boss Babes, Moms, Pregnant ladies... This dress will literally fit all. It can be worn as a loose fit or tight around the waist. The belt can be used as a belt, a headband, bun tie or a neck bow. I remember when I gave birth to Nicolai and I was still breastfeeding I didn't want to wear dresses if they didn't allow me to breastfeed. I was always looking for a dress with buttons or a dress that would make my breastfeeding easier. That is why my dress has buttons - yes I was thinking of all of you moms. As said, it is made for all types of girls. Young, older, moms, girls that don't have children etc.  It can be worn with sneakers, high heels or flip flops - the dress will always look good on you!

When I was picking out colours, I actually wanted to release only the pink dress. Pink is my favourite colour and the core brand colour too. But once I have added white and peach it totally made sense. I absolutely couldn't tell you which one is my favourite as I love them ALL! Also, I am extremely proud that our TCMBB is a sustainable/ethical brand which means that we don't support any animal cruelty, no humans right breaching and our colours are organic.

Which of the colours is your favourite? Baby Pink? White? Peach?